Alíz Veronika Ács

Alíz Veronika Ács (b.1989, Hungary) Her main interest revolve around the exploration of the person, and the human form, transcendent experiences, facial expressions, especially the eyes: looking, glancing, and staring. She is also guided by the accidental irregularities that we as humans experience in our daily lives. Her interests however go further than abstract themes or subjects, onto an interest in textures, surfaces and materials – the practicalities of texture and material morphology as they come into contact with other exterior, external, materials and elements such as the interplay between light, water, textile and/or paper. The WALPURG project aimed to find contemporary equivalents of what would have been labeled as “witch” in earlier times. These females are strong, independent, unique, timeless. She communicates with important visual effects were the “suggestive” gazes and heroic appearances are the photographed subjects. – Victims may become heroes, while heroes may become the victimized. Alíz received her MA in Photography in 2014 from MOME and lives and works in Budapest