AndrĂ¡s Ladocsi - SWALLOW solo exhibition

02. - 24. November 2018.

Supermarket Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of András Ladocsi. 

I was a professional swimmer between the ages of 4 and 18. I spent these 14 years doing the following: training, traveling, being at training camps, missing out on trainings because I wanted to spend time with my friends, ignoring my family, but also missing my family and spending time with them, all this characterized my life. This series is about this period of my life. Each community can be considered as a micro-community with their own rules in which participants have to learn how to live to be able to succeed. Some find their ways and others do not even try it. I tried hard to assimilate to each community I belonged to when I was becoming a young adult, and I found out that different people came to know different personalities inside of me. Changing gestures, voices and mimics came to my mind when I recall that time. In retrospect I experienced a lot of things in the past I did not even notice were happening at the time. While looking back I am trying to understand the past now through the images of SWALLOW.


András Ladocsi’s (HU, 1992) desire for seeking and finding the truth comes from the subject the observes. All his works reassure and delight the viewer, but are equally capable of discomforting them. In his photos, naturalism and realism is greatly anesthetized and organized into tight compositions. The works vibrate between an intimate and a more distanced approach. The artist’s intent to systematize, and to create is unavoidably present in the pictures, but his neutral use of space and backgrounds being completely free from identity, provide adequate territory for the observer’s personal interpretation. His art also exhibits noticeable cohesion. This does not sprout from a labored stylisticmannerism, but instead from the explicit and successful display of a distinct vision.*