AndrĂ¡s Ladocsi - SWALLOW solo exhibition

Opening 07. November 2018.

András Ladocsi: SWALLOW, 2018.

I was a professional swimmer between the ages of 4 and 18. I spent

these 14 years doing the following: training, traveling, being at training

camps, missing out trainings because of friends, ignoring my family,

missing my family and then spending time with my family all this

characterized my life. The series what I am working on now is about this

period of my life. Each group of people can be considered as a micro

community with their own rules in which participants have to learn how

to live to be able to succeed. Some find their ways; others do not even

try. I tried hard to assimilate to each community I belonged to and I found

out that they know different personas in me. Changing gestures, voices

and mimics came to my mind when I recall that period. In retrospect

I experienced a lot of things in the past I did not even notice back then.

While looking back I am trying to understand the past now through

the images of SWALLOW.